In addition to supplying a wide range of power solutions, Sigma Engineering also provides the following services:


Maintenance and Support of Power quality systems:-

This includes after-sales service for all our products, ranging from basic UPS and battery maintenance to comprehensive service contracts covering every aspect of power quality. 

We provide our services by responding to ad-hoc maintenance requests, or by signing annual maintenance contracts specifying a number of periodic visits and agreed response times for support calls.

We offer our comprehensive maintenance and support services to all users of power quality devices and systems.  There are several customers who bought their UPS systems from other suppliers and then turned to Sigma Engineering for their maintenance needs due to our known support excellence.


Power Quality Consultation:-

Whatever the problem your factory is facing due to the electric utility supplied to your premises, Sigma Engineering will help you in defining accurately the nature of the problem. We will install the necessary measuring instruments at your premises, trace your utility voltage, consumed power, power factor, harmonics components, transient surges and sags. The data will be logged for a duration of 24 to 48 hours. After analysing this data, we will provide you with a report defining the existing problems in your utility, and also recommending the solutions. These solutions may be:

  • stabilizers if you are facing under- or over-voltage problems,
  • power conditioner if you have too many sags or surges monitored in your voltage trend,
  • a UPS if brownouts or blackouts are the cause of your problems,
  • a power factor corrector if a bad power factor is noticed,
  • de-tuned power factor corrector if excessive harmonics were detected,
  • a combination of any of the above.

Moreover, we are committed to implement the solution and guarantee its performance

So, no need to worry about your power quality, Sigma Engineering will always have the solution


Green Energy transformation consultation:-

If you are complaining from high energy consumption and would like to join the international trend of transformation to green energy, we can help you in defining the optimum solution using solar energy. We will recommend the solution according to the floor area available in your factory and the available funds. We can also help in the financial study including calculating the expected Return On Investment.