After 70 years of unremitting efforts, GE has developed a wide range of low voltage busway families, including power busway, lighting busway and other series.  GE China R&D center and the global busway R&D teams work closely to participate in the development of busway products jointly, to ensure simultaneous development of global technology and better serve customers from different markets worldwide.

WavePro-F busway uses an Automatic Pressure Gelatin (APG) process, resulting in a compact cast resin with low internal stress. The cast resin forms an external surface which provides a water tight barrier around the current carrying conductors.

WavePro-F busway features excellent fire resistant performance and up to IP68 protection level.

It is especially suitable for emergency generator circuits of high rise commercial buildings, shipyards, the chemical industry, and other demanding applications with high requirements on Fire proofing, waterproofing and corrosion resistance

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