RTC-ELECTRO-M Plant in Pavlovsky Posad (Moscow region) was built in the first half of 2009, and actually starting from summer 2009, it has been manufacturing its products - solid insulated bus bars types TPL, and starting from summer 2013 - cast-resin insulated bus bars type TKL. In October 2015, a new line of RTC-ELECTRO-M plant was officially open. It should be emphasized that this is the first Russian plant producing several types of bus bars.

Cast-insulation busbars represent a reliably new technical solution in the field of safe energy distribution in Russia. Cast-insulation busbars allow avoiding the use of open buses, cross-linked polyethylene and traditional air-insulated bus bar at substations and power plants, and, thus, improving reliability and safety of connection, simplifying the installation, avoiding the additional maintenance costs and achieving the maximum compactness, which, in turn, provides additional space for other equipment. Thus, an additional opportunity to reduce the cost of the building construction portion is created

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